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    Posted on November 22, 2012 by admin in Blog.

    Image Courtesy: India Meteorological Department

    About a month ago, around the same time as hurricane Sandy, a smaller but powerful cyclone (named Nilam) was gathering storm over the Bay of Bengal. It was predicted to cause havoc along the coast when it crossed into land. And indeed it, taking with it precious lives, knocking off trees and rendering vast areas without power for days on end. One such village deprived of power was our own Periyamudaliyar Chavadi. Luckily, the damage suffered by those of our unit was negligible compared to the discomfort they had to endure. As it happened, we were not working on any time bound orders at that time. But if we had, there would have been a significant delay in our completion of the order with risk of not meeting the deadline – hasn’t happened yet and long may it remain that way!

    As a small emerging enterprise, we are often at the mercy of elements. So we take adequate measures and allow for enough buffer before committing to any order and make it amply clear to the client that we need to at least 6-8 weeks’ time for completion of an order.

    Remote managing is another challenge we are confronted with. But we are working towards training and capacity building for our Indian operations. It is something that requires funding and can be achieved gradually and over a period of time.

    Despite the seeming disadvantages, sometimes it’s good to be small and open to the vagaries. It makes us more dynamic and ever-ready to taken on a challenge (of which there’s no shortage). That said, we are like that proverbial reed in the wind, bucking and swaying but always bouncing back.

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